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Portland, OR

A Fourth Act is an interdisciplinary collective of storytellers, facilitators, researchers, designers and technologists committed to delivering meaningful stories. Our roots are in storytelling and journalism. Together we have unprecedented reach to a diversely rich network of fellow collaborators throughout the storytelling fields of journalism, media, technology and art, as well as researchers in the professions and academia.

What We Do

We listen. We envision.
We design. We build.

By honoring the knowledge of the community, A Fourth Act will work with you to build engagement from the ground up. If you have a story to tell that has the potential to make a difference, we’d love to collaborate with you.


A PHOTOJOURNALIST who wants to extend the life of the work beyond publication and outside the contests route. If impact is what matters to you, we design experiences that catalyze emotional responses to close the gap between awareness and action.

A WRITER who wants to connect with readers beyond presenting and signing books. If you are interested in your audience’s story as much as they are interested in yours, we create the opportunity for meaningful exchanges before, during and after your reporting.

A DOCUMENTARY FILMMAKER who believes issue-based stories can do more than raise awareness. We use innovating technology and well-established facilitation methodologies to collect real-time audience insights that clarify the issues that matter the most and create story-dialogues that inform your narratives.

A FUNDER who needs to measure the impact of her media grant activity. If you're interested in how effective stories can influence legislation, change public perception and break the cycles of marginalization, we build technology that can track the things that matter.

A COMMUNITY-BASED ORGANIZATION who wants to raise the voices of its constituency. If you need to put a human face to the issues important to you, we use participatory media practices to tap into the innate storytelling ability we all have and empower the community you serve in representing themselves.

All of the above culminates into a platform for engagement that fosters meaningful dialogue, constructive exchanges and collaborative problem solving.

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